I don’t know the scientific description of a burl, so I’ll describe it as an injury to a tree that causes a deformity, as small as an orange or as large as a recliner.  Even though a burl is made from the same wood as the tree, it’s usually discolored, showing little of the natural grain, with disfigured bark.  My husband carved a number of burls so I knew there was beauty to be discovered, but the unique end result needed to be uncovered through time and patience.  The colors, design, and shape were revealed as I carved out the burl and removed most of the bark.  It rests, transformed, on a deer horn shed my husband found.  Both pieces of nature, one unwanted, one unneeded, one given a first, and the other, a second chance at a different life.  People can find they need to be transformed too, after an injury or a life changing event.  By whatever means and over whatever time it takes, I will allow my unwanted life to be transformed in order to have a second chance to discover a different life with a beautiful, unique end result, to be revealed through time and patience.Burl 1 Mar 2015.3


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