The word aspire means to seek, aim, hope, desire, want, or wish.  It’s a verb which means it expresses an action, event, or a state of being.   It seems a common thing for people to aspire to change their life by doing or becoming something.  It can be as simple as wanting a certain birthday present or as hard as the aim to become a doctor.  I have things I seek – relaxation.  I have aims – ride my bike three days a week.  I have hopes – find a friend nearby.  I have desires – someone to love me.  I have wants – a small riding lawn mower.  I also have wishes – the things that seem beyond my hopes, desires, and wants – a home in a quiet neighborhood.  I need to set my own aspirations because I’m the one going to get myself there.  Some say if set too high you set yourself up for failure.  Too low and you’ll most likely succeed but never be challenged enough to impact your life.  I say why not set them high because the many successful steps it takes to get there is more important than reaching the top.


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