On the Lookout

I recognized a few happy moments yesterday – a tidy kitchen, my granddaughter laughing at her brother, and transplanting ferns with my grandson.  The unhappy moments are quite bold, blocking my path, forcing me to notice them, and then stick like glue, while the happy ones wait quietly to be noticed and slip away easily.  I tend to see most unhappy moments as monumental; ridiculous for something so common.  I shouldn’t let them bother me so much.  I also have a habit of talking about many of my unhappy moments, which gets them out and usually over, but not quick enough to prevent them from negatively impacting my day.  I rarely mention the happy ones.  Maybe because they’re smaller, there’s more of them, and I don’t consider them significant.  But they are.  There must have been millions of people out there searching for happiness yesterday and I was able to find some.  I believe at least one happy moment happens every day to everyone, but are passed over because they go by unseen.  I’ve decided to be on the lookout for all the small but amazing happy moments throughout my day, and not be one of the millions still looking.


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