I was asked an interesting question recently – can you help my widowed mother-in-law find a man.  Interesting because I haven’t found one yet.  I can’t seem to grasp the concept of falling in love again.  Did I forget how it’s done or did I already get all I needed?  Maybe my definition of romantic love has changed.  At 19, I liked and then fell in love with the man I saw before me, not the man he really was.  That love was strong enough, to keep us together long enough, to get past many things that tear half of all marriages apart.  I realized quickly he was a person worth loving even though sometimes I didn’t like him.  The discovery that he wasn’t so likable took a while since love was the greater emotion and it was easy to misconstrue sex as love and therefore cover a multitude of sins.  I would define love now as an unconditional acceptance of the whole person, with no need to like them or overwhelming determination to change them.  No longer looking for falling head over heels in love but rather, seeing in the eyes of another, that I’m the one worth loving.


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