I was able to experience an amazing event this past week.  My son and his wife came from Alaska, bringing both my children and their families into my life at the same time.  We were together; a rare event because of the significant physical distance between our everyday lives.  We shared just about every meal, and an incredible amount of time experiencing the beauty of the Adirondacks, something we all enjoy.  We laughed and cried as we shared memories of past times spent together as a family.   It astonished me every time I looked around my table at the faces of all of the people that mean the most to me.  It was a precious week, but before I knew it, they were heading back to Alaska.  My grandson described their departure perfectly: “It’s sad when two guys leave.  I have a heart bleed.”  As the tears flowed, my grandson told me not to cry; that we would be going to visit them soon.  It’s true, there’s always something to miss.  The trick is to soak up enough of who I’ll miss while we’re together, in order to sustain me until I see them again to soak up some more.


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