She Knows

I only loved two guys in my life.  The feeling wasn’t mutual for the first and I married the second.  It’s hard for me to imagine, but I can’t say for sure there won’t be another.  Both times, the love I felt started as physical attraction.  My husband was not only handsome, he was sweet, sensitive, and simple.  Simple in the sense of not complicated; he didn’t need much to be happy.  My older sister and I met him, shortly after moving to upstate New York, and he was instantly attracted to her.  They both played the guitar and sang and they had that 70’s hippy thing going on.  When she left home and joined the army a couple of months later, I knew she didn’t share his feelings and that left hope for me.  We were married a year later and shared a love that lasted almost 37 years.

  • American Bittern / Love
  • An American Bittern stands in the marsh.
  • He stretches his neck and gulps like a frog.
  • He’s hoping she will hear and see how worthy a mate he would be.
  • How can she tell one from another?
  • Maybe it’s his technique or maybe she just knows.

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