Chicken and biscuits is one of my favorite meals and for breakfast, sausage, biscuits and gravy is a real treat.  The best part of both of these dishes is the gravy; that little added extra that makes the meal special.  I can eat chicken and sausage without gravy and often do, but to add a wow factor, I need to have the gravy.  The word gravy brings to my mind, Thanksgiving; a homemade special dinner with all the extras.  There’s nothing like the aromas of turkey roasting, homemade rolls, and pies.  Gravy goes on the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey, and in the shepherd’s pie the next day.  Life should have its share of gravy too; the extras that make life special.  For me it’s things like our Utah National Parks tour; Minto Flats Alaska, float plane, northern pike fishing trip; a hot springs, beer, and music festival; watching the whales from a cabin on an island off the coast of Alaska; 10 days touring Newfoundland; a meal with all my children at the table.  For me, adding gravy to a meal or life turns it into something extraordinary; to a meal occasionally, but to life whenever possible.  The recipes are posted on my recipe page.


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