Leave or Stay

How does someone know when it’s time to leave?  When my job with a small CPA firm was going nowhere, the charm of the bed and breakfast had worn off, and our youngest was heading off to college, we decided it was time to leave.  There was nothing we left behind so moving wasn’t hard.  After my husband died and I was living by myself with no family nearby, I decided it was time to leave.  It was harder this time because I was leaving a well-paying job and close friends behind.  I could have used the money but trusted I would getting along just fine without it and I hoped I would keep some of my friends.  This left no reasons to stay, which is the answer to knowing when it’s time to leave.  I thought about leaving my husband many times, but I stayed, even though staying was hard.  He was the reason I thought about leaving and yet he was the reason I chose not to.  I still had reasons to stay; I loved him and he was my best friend.  Deciding to leave or stay is hard, but leaving with reasons to stay is even harder.


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