Just a Mom

As I look at my granddaughter sleeping in her crib, I’m reminded she can be smiling one moment and screaming the next.  It’s all about her comfort; everyone else exists only to meet her needs.  But someday she’ll probably be a mom and then, without really thinking too hard about it, she’ll spend lots of time meeting the needs of her family and putting hers just about last.  MOM – mother on a mission.  Not a mission that needs daily planning or tracking of results.  Rather a mission that needs to be accomplished out of necessity, requiring quite a bit of time.  It’s a mission to accomplish, hopefully with some help, all the things that need to get done to feed, nurture, clothe, clean, transport, and protect her kids.  I did all of these things for me, before I had kids, with quite a bit of things I wanted to do thrown in.  Adding a couple of kids doesn’t add new tasks, just more of the same, with less time for things I want to do.  My kids didn’t get all my time because they needed to learn it’s not all about them, and I’m more than just a mom.


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