Not Defeated

Just when I’m trying to really appreciate life, living picked up its pace, trying to defeat me.  I’ve experienced smashed fingers, tomato plant holders that won’t hold, continual rain that went away long enough to lure me outside then gave me a good soaking, sleep deprivation, uncontrollable desire to eat whatever I could find, and worst of all, a new all alone thought, I have no one that gives a crap about me each and every day.  All this in the past 24 hours.  Yikes!  I’m thinking I shouldn’t come up with any more really amazing life lessons because the consequences aren’t worth it.  The word consequences isn’t quite right.  I think they are here to test my resolve to put life first.  Well, bombard away, because these things proved, living can really stink sometimes, so it isn’t worthy of serious consideration.  My fingers will heal, tomato plants can grow sideways, there’ll never be another world-wide flood, I will sleep at some point, I can duct tape my mouth shut, and one person giving a crap about me – me – is enough.  Living can give me the stink eye whenever it wants and even though bombarded, I’m not defeated.


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