The diagnosis is in – I have social anxiety disorder (SAD), the fear of social events and being in the presence of others.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t have a phobia name, like claustrophobia, but its acronym is indeed true.  My husband was just the opposite, to the point of seeking out every opportunity to be social.  He didn’t wait to be spoken to because it was easy for him to find something to say to start a conversation.  I would stand near something or someone interesting, so I didn’t have to say anything, and he was usually it.  I’ve never considered a cure for my other phobias, like acrophobia (heights), because it’s just me and easy to avoid, but SAD infringes on being social and feeling comfortable around people, and brings feelings of inferiority and being perceived as not having a good time.  OK, I’m really not having a good time, but if the statistics are correct, in a group of 25 people, there’s at least two more people feeling the same way.  Here’s my fix – find the other two looking SAD, introduce myself, and talk or not talk because we’ve at least formed our own group!


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