A Place

Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.  While in Florida, I wished for cooler weather and got it; in the 50ᴼs today.  The weather is something I can’t control but there are things I can and do control.  There are things I can control but don’t, like how much I exercise, and things that control me enough that I have to take counter actions, like consistent difficulty sleeping.  Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else take control, go with the flow, because the outcome isn’t important.  There are times I have to say sorry, I can’t go along, because the outcome matters.  Take control or not, I will end up in a place.  What kind of place?  Maybe good or bad, or in a place of peace or regret, or one where I hoped I would be or where I don’t want to be.  My tendency is to be controlling, so I try my best not to take others along with me to any of these places because they need to be given the chance to get there on their own.  I can advise, but the place they end up shouldn’t be in my hands only.


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