Not Me

I miss many things about my husband, but there are a few things I don’t.  The things I don’t miss, I could sometimes ignore, but other times I would bring them up in anger, which didn’t result in change, just stress and resentment for both of us.  He felt the same about me regarding the things I did that he didn’t like, but it’s funny, I can’t recall what those things were.  I’m sure some are still in me and others are gone because he is.  I have a fairly easy time excusing bad behavior in others, but when it comes to me, I must not be paying attention, because if I did, I know I would not excuse it.  I’m much harder on myself than towards others.  I can fairly easily say, you’re forgiven, to someone else, but not me.  I can easily say, that’s OK, when someone else makes a mistake, but not me.  It’s easy to say, you’ll do better next time, to someone else, but not me.  Why do I treat myself like I should be perfect and hold myself to a higher standard?  I need to start showing myself some compassion and understanding!


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