What Happened?

I’m sad when I remember old ways that are gone or replaced; some out of necessity, others by social pressures.  Like people sitting on front porches saying hello to neighbors, instead of on backyard decks.  Kids playing kickball in the street, instead of a video game alone.  Sit down family suppers with talking and laughter, instead of eat whenever, with a smart phone to keep you company.  Stay-home Sundays, when there was nothing to go out for because everything was closed.  Thanksgiving, when it was all about family and turkey instead of shopping.  Christmas, when you didn’t get everything you wanted and parents didn’t go into debt.  Kids entertaining themselves by letting their imaginations out, instead of being entertained by images on a screen.  What happened to valuing people instead of things?

  • Old Growth / Progress?
  • There are still some old trees around. If they could talk, what would they say?
  • I saw a horse pulling a blue buggy. I hear people talking over a leisurely trot.
  • I’ll see them again, but not for a long while.
  • There’s a flash of blue along with a loud rumble. There’s another and another.
  • Do people still talk? Do horses still trot?

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