Triple See

People can be so inconsiderate.  I go out of my way to avoid causing others any discomfort and yet so many people don’t give it even one thought.  In hotels, I hold the door so it shuts as quietly as possible and walk lightly if my room is above another.  No shooting off fireworks at midnight or having a backyard fire when it’s windy so my neighbors don’t have to close their windows.  If I do have a fire and guests over, it’s out and we’re in by 10pm so I don’t disturb anyone’s sleep.  I don’t leave shopping carts in the parking lot.  No playing the radio in my backyard or really loud in my car because I don’t need to share my choice of music.  I’m not the last woman on earth so caring about the people around me includes not infringing on their space unless invited.  Of course, considering others goes way beyond these thoughtful, simple courtesies.  It goes so far as to respect life itself, whether or not you know, agree with, or even like the person.  So I always CCC (see x 3) – Care enough to Consider others and be Courteous.


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