Soft or Hard

I’ve heard it said, life is hard. But life means I’m still breathing and if I’m still breathing then I, on my own, or with help, can do something about the hard things in my life.  Life means I have choices and possibilities.  I’m not saying everything hard can be changed but if it can, I need to change it by looking at my options and choosing one, and if there aren’t any options, explore what’s possible.  For that which can’t be changed, I only have two options: change myself enough so I can live alongside the hard, or merely exist by letting hard defeat me.  The hard things I’ve experienced, that were both unpreventable and unchangeable, were close to, if not at, the pinnacle of hard.  They came close to defeating me, but I chose to live the life I’ve been given because merely existing isn’t living at all. I know it’s possible to tackle the hard things because I’ve done it.  It took years, but my husband and I changed our financial situation, and I changed myself to live alongside his death.  I’ve got one life to live so I’ll live it either way, soft or hard.


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