No Regrets

It’s hard having family and kids living far away.  I have family in Colorado and Texas and don’t get to visit them there because all my travel budget is used to visit my son and his wife in Alaska.  I’m heading to my niece’s Florida wedding soon because it’s one of those LIFE occasions I should attend if possible, and it is.  I make it a point to see my parents and sisters on a regular basis and my sisters from out west when they come east. I make a couple of trips a year to Vermont to see friends and they come here as well.  I usually dread the driving and plane rides, but it gets me to those whose life I want to celebrate while it’s still happening; while there’s still laughter and new memories to make.  Funerals celebrate life too, but one that’s over, so for me, I better make sure I have no regrets about how much celebrating of their life I did before it ended.  I want to say goodbye, knowing that we spent as much time together as possible, instead of saying I’m sorry for not including you in my life.


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