No More Excuses

I was pretty lazy last winter.  I rode my bike inside, but that was so boring.  I prefer outside activities rather than exercise, but there was no snow.  Well I paid for it this spring.  Only last week did I finally feel like I could exert myself and not feel totally exhausted.  I was hoping it was the normal, it takes a little while to pick up the pace spring thing, but it was taking too long, and so I cursed my age and thought I might need to see a doctor.  It’s great that my energy’s back but realize I can’t spend any more winters the same as the last.  I’ve got the time, but even more excuses, and there’s always something more interesting I’d rather be doing.  I’ve never been a great winter exerciser, but, as my son-in-law reminded me, I’m not a spring chicken (he means well).  I can’t be lackadaisical anymore.  I shouldn’t have to recover each spring.  Life is a gift, but it’s also a responsibility.  No one is going to take care of mine except me.  Growing old is automatic; staying strong takes effort.  I know the consequences; no more excuses.


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