Every time I’ve met someone new, they judge me as quiet, reserved, and shy.  They’ve told me after they got to know me, that only the shy was correct.  In fact, my daughter and I laugh about how meeting new people makes me physically sick and what I would say to them if I was honest about how I felt – you make me sick, and so do you, and you too! Once I get to know someone they find I really do enjoy talking and kidding around.  The meek exterior others see is not the real me; the caring, intelligent, strong, talented woman waiting to be revealed.

  • Snow / Uncovered
  • The snow is deep, making the landscape smooth and clean.
  • Our snowshoes sink in but not reaching earth.
  • We step on ferns and bulbs sleeping ‘til spring,
  • Over logs and rocks as if they’re not there.
  • We step on moose poop and owl scat without knowing,
  • Cross places unpassable last spring.
  • What’s underneath all this white covering?
  • Some things pretty, some things plain, and a few things downright ugly.
  • This covering won’t last forever.
  • Revealing the true landscape of earth and water, of greens and browns.

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