The Boss

I never had the opportunity to be my own boss. The boss is responsible for a successful business and puts rules and boundaries in place for employees so the business runs smoothly.  Decisions are always based on what’s best for the business.  The only time I got to be the boss was when I was a parent.  My husband and I were in charge; we made the rules and set the boundaries.  Our kids had a consistent bed time and ate what we made when we made it.  Unacceptable behavior in public resulted in leaving immediately, leaving the grocery cart behind or watching one parent finish a restaurant meal alone; it never happened again.  We let our kids be kids within the boundaries we set, and instead of a house filled with disorder, rebellion, and uncertainty, our home was, for the most part, filled with contentment, respect, and stability.  In any group of people, there’s at least one boss; the top dog, someone in control.  We decided before we had kids we would fill that role since we were the ones most capable of reasonably deciding what was best for all four of us; not just the kids.


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