The key to great pie is homemade crust.  My favorite pies are walnut, chocolate cream, and raspberry.  A one crust pie is the easiest since the crust doesn’t need to look great.  Cream pies need a baked crust and to keep the crust from shrinking or bubbling, weigh it down with a pie chain or spoons.  The fruit in fruit pies should be soft, not mushy and surrounded by lightly thickened juice rather than a solid paste.  And sweetness?  If the fruit can be eaten without adding sugar, don’t put too much in the pie.  There are two important rules: the dough can be a little too wet but never dry, and not over handled. The tricky part is, I always measure certain ingredients, like flour, but others as needed, like water.  The tricky part of life is similar; some ingredients, like sleep and food, are needed in the same amount each day, but how much other ingredients are needed, like love and support, depends on all the other components in my life on any particular day. Measured every time or as needed, life’s ingredients combined in the right portions are the crust that holds in my filling – me.  The recipe is posted on my recipe page.


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