Living Proof

I kept track of our finances throughout our marriage.  Some years I made quite a bit more money than he did, and he wasn’t happy about it.  It didn’t help to remind him that he was the only one with a paying job for the first 14 years of our marriage.  The solution we found was for him to contribute to the household bills an amount equal to his percent of our combined income.  Almost all of his self-worth revolved around being an equal contributor to our finances and the jobs he had; a forester, an owner/manager of our bed & breakfast, a teacher.  He should have included being a dad in that list, but, like most people, he most likely didn’t consider it a job.  I think parenting is the most important job anyone could have.  What could be more important than nurturing and guiding that living, moldable part of yourself, where your investment of time and love can create a better person than yourself and the most valuable thing you will leave behind? Our kids grew up with both parents and he was an amazing dad.  How do I know; his kids are living proof!


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