What Will It Be?

I’ve made good decisions and bad ones.  Who kicks the football first is decided by flipping a coin.  Who gets to be it first, in the game of tag is sometimes decided by rock, paper, scissors.  Not good methods for life decisions.  I’ve let my heart decide, sometimes my gut, or by listing positive and negatives.  Some decisions were rushed and others after long consideration.  Alone or in combination, these methods resulted in both good decisions and bad.  Input from others is helpful but letting someone else decide for me is not; my decision, my responsibility.  Most decisions aren’t life and death but I still experience fear, self-doubt, or a lack of trust in my judgement.  I need to make the best decisions I can and know that most consequences are fixable.

  • The Hatch / Decisions
  • As I sit beside the pond I can hear the fish snatching flies from the surface.
  • They sneak up from below to snatch tasty morsels.
  • Are there enough flies to fill their bellies?
  • I try to trick them with my fly rod, but they can tell the difference.
  • Their survival depends on it.
  • What will it be?  A fatter belly or the frying pan?

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