Life Garden

I started tending my vegetable garden yesterday.  While it rested from fall through spring, weeds took root so they’ve got to go.  Some have really deep roots because I’ve let them stay too long, so I use a shovel to dig out each one, trying my best to get the entire root.  The wimpy weeds with shallow roots can just be turned over so the sunshine can dry up the roots. The garden rake smooths out the dirt and pulls out rocks that don’t grow, but still get in the way of planting things new and good.  Once the garden is planted, it’s a constant battle against the weeds, new ones springing up and from pieces of roots left behind.  While the new plants come up, I need to distinguish between the plants I want and the weeds I need to pull out.  My life is like a garden and the way I live it are the things that grow there.  I can leave my life unattended and let what should grow there struggle alongside what shouldn’t, or I can tend my life according to the garden plan I just described and create the best life garden I can.


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