Facing adversity (hardships, difficulties) is like facing a mountain, and getting to the other side of that mountain, well, there’s lots of ways.  You can blast out a permanent tunnel to pass right through.  Get it over with as quickly as possible takes lots of physical strength; just run up and run down.  There’s hiking up at a steady pace and pausing at the top before heading down.  I would rather take the flatter route and walk 10 miles around rather than 1 mile straight up and over.  It would seem going down is easier than up, but down is actually harder on legs and feet, especially the toes.  Like mountains, adversity exists and won’t get out of my way no matter how long I wait.  It doesn’t matter how I get to the other side, but I do need to get there.  If there’s the chance of facing the same adversity again, choose the tunnel.  Quick requires a burst of everything I’ve got, while a steady pace tests how long I can persevere, right down to my toes.  Going around takes lots of time but I still end up where I need to be; on the other side.


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