The “Me” Factor

The question, what makes me happy is pretty easy to answer.  For me, it’s spending time with my family, singing and playing the guitar, working in the woodshop, peanut butter, and fishing.  To make it possible to just have these things in my life, I would need to find a big enough income stream to hire a cook, gardener, personal assistant, and housekeeper.  Since I have yet to locate that elusive stream and with the realization that these things that make me happy are optional, I need to make sure I fit at least one of these things into my life daily.  When faced with something not making me happy, I would ask, what would make me happy; a not so easy question to answer.  I’ve thought, what if I had a different job, a different spouse, or moved to a different house, then I’d be happy.  These focus only on fixing my circumstances, but forget about the “me” factor.  A different job, but the same me.  A different house, but the same me.  Fix the “me” factor if it needs fixing so I don’t get in my own way as I try to discover what would make me happy.


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