A job; that necessary evil most of us need to make money so we can afford our lives.  I was fortunate that I liked both professional jobs I had.  I pretty much set my own hours and liked most of the people I worked with.  But like most things there’s always something not to my liking; “tax season”, a long commute, unnecessary meetings, and the classic, working too many hours.  Time seems to be allocated to a job first, followed by sleep, then maintaining a household, family time, hobbies, and relaxing.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could love what they do AND make enough money to live on?  I think the world would be a happier place.  Sometimes it’s possible to change the things that make me unhappy and sometimes not.  When it is, I have to be able to recognize the opportunity and go for it; hard to do because I’m often leery of change.  When it isn’t possible, I need to figure out and put into place whatever it takes to make me focus on the positives while the negatives are constantly in my face.  Unhappy gives itself freely, while happy waits patiently to be chosen.


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