Face to Face

I’ve heard that babies don’t thrive without human contact and I think it holds true for any age; we need each other.  I’ve seen people get along just fine as they walk, drive, and dine while interacting with their smart phones.  If used to help you shop, communicate, play games, and catch TV broadcasts, smart should be stricken from the name.  These things don’t enhance our lives, but rather take away from being present and engaged in every precious moment we’re given.  How sad is it that an internet connection can make it possible for someone to not see another person or leave their house?  Only in physical personal connections do we find real love, joy, fulfillment, and friendship which helps us face real sorrow, failures, and challenges; the things that make us human.  Technology certainly has its place in society but not those used to whittle away at interacting with your surroundings and talking face to face.  I had a vision of how adults will live in the future; “living” in a cubicle, doing their job using a computer connected to their brain, communicating through telepathy, attached to a potty and nutrient line. May I never see that day!


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