When we were both working and running a farm, everyone had to contribute.  The kids, by the age of 10 did their own laundry.  When they could stay home alone, they had a list of a few chores to do like vacuuming, dishes, weeding, or picking strawberries. Some days the list only said “Better Homes and Gardens”, which meant magazine layout perfect.  The saying which is still brought up, brings a laugh instead of a big sigh.  Now I’m the only contributor and it’s taken years to realize that what I need to accomplish doesn’t have to demand my entire contribution until it’s done.  When I created the vegetable garden I worked on it continually, hours and hours at a time, and paid for it with a sore back and spaghetti limbs.  This past week I put in raspberries over a 3 day period, doing a little bit each morning.  House clutter took advantage of my absence and scattered itself over just about every inch of counter space, but that’s OK; I’ll get to it today or maybe tomorrow.  After all, as the only contributor, I chose how to allocate the portion of me I’m able and willing to give.


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