People have various names to describe death; unexpected, sudden, or unexplained.  Death isn’t any of these, in fact it’s the only thing certain about life.  Some people tempt death by choosing harmful habits like smoking or by jumping from a bridge attached to a large rubber band.  Other people choose death over life.  Some run towards it, like soldiers hitting the beaches during war.  The horse thief might beg for his life as he faces the noose.  Some die unjustly at the hand of others.  Those who live very long lives might find themselves ready and yet wait because that decision is not theirs to make.  What isn’t certain is when, which is why I wasn’t ready.  I think about it quite a bit more now; not about fearing it, but about the next great sadness for my children and grandchildren.  I don’t believe in a learning curve; been there, done that, doesn’t apply.  I can only try my best to use the life I have left to meaningfully impact their lives by showing by example how to make good decisions, have a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude, and be caring and loving individuals; investing in those I’ll leave behind.


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