Let it Out

I have so much more time to enjoy, and have so much more patience with, my grandchildren, than I had with my own children, because when I was mom, I had lots of other stuff needing attention, like work, marriage, and managing a household.  My memories of my kids are all mixed up with everything else we experienced during the parenting years.  My grandchildren aren’t mine so I can give them back.  No poopy diapers to change; just hand them back to their parents.  It’s fun to watch as they express themselves, unhindered by social taboos.  Wouldn’t it be great to scream or cry in public when frustrated or sad, or dance with joy and not be considered a candidate for a padded cell?

  • 8 Months Old / Let it Out
  • She has my sock in her teeth; shaking her head.
  • Can’t keep the giggles in.
  • Going to wiggle this necklace until it comes apart;
  • Arms and legs flailing madly.
  • Can’t keep the excitement in.
  • So tired, can’t stand up; no time for a nap.
  • Can’t keep the tears in.
  • Buttons and knobs, doors and drawers.
  • Where I’m not supposed to be; tasting everything.
  • Can’t keep the curiosity in.

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