In the 80’s my husband wrote a song about his beloved Adirondacks, describing these mountains and a fishing trip he took with our son.  The song reveals what they saw: ponds like mirrors, perfectly made mountains, a tapestry of autumn colors, being surrounded by beautiful wilderness, and being free as a child.  He describes the sounds they heard: a loon singing his lonely tune, discussing the issues of life with his son, and the hoot of a barred owl, a sound as old as the mountains.  The song also tells about what they experienced: catching trout for their supper, portaging the canoe using a yoke, carrying heavy packs, and sitting around the campfire.  I’m sure many people have never had an experience like this and maybe never will.  There’s something about its simplicity, the sharing of your life with the mountains, water, sky, and the creatures that live there.  Something refreshing happens as the sounds from people and things they create are replaced with the sounds that come from being a part of nature as it moves about and calls to one another.  Twigs snapping, fish splashing, fires crackling; some of the most amazing sounds on earth.


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