When I face something new and I don’t know how to figure it out, I have four options.  I can ask someone, guess, figure it out by trial and error, or choose not to face it.  The quickest way is to ask someone who has already faced the something new, but if I can’t come up with anyone I’m out of luck.  I can guess and get it right or fail.  If I use trial and error, I’ll conquer it at some point if I don’t give up.  Choosing not to face it might not be an option if the something new is beyond my control.  I’ve had a number of something new in my life, like becoming a wife and mother, operating woodworking equipment, and losing my husband.  Facing my husband’s death was not optional and there was no one to ask, so that left guessing and trial and error. I did some guessing, and sometimes failed, but taking a guess is better than taking no action at all.  Figuring it out through trial and error produced a progression of results, each one getting me closer to figuring it out.  Step by step; piece by piece; never give up.


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