Rock Bank

It’s hard to believe one third of the year has gone by already.  An hour is always 60 minutes but when I’m trying to get out the door in that hour, it feels like 40.  When I’m waiting, time seems to just about stand still.  The process of building my rock bank took more time than I thought and because I needed to balance the rocks just so, I had to use the same method for each section – mostly large rocks on the bottom followed by a mixture of different sizes.  I found no shortcuts.  I’m not sure if I had a say in choosing my process of grieving, but I do know, unlike the rock bank, there are many ways to do it; probably as many as there are people in the world.  Like the rock bank, there are no shortcuts, and I spent time working through and balancing grief’s big rocks mixed with rocks of various sizes so I wouldn’t topple over.  The time needed will be as much as it takes to bring me safely, but not necessarily quickly, through to a place which might be the end or close enough to call it so.


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