My Heart

I think a human heart is made up of more than just chambers and valves. I think it’s made to hold love and joy, and pain and sorrow.  It seems to me that the amount of love and joy it can hold is limitless while the amount of pain and sorrow it can hold is not.  Love and joy can flow in and my heart will never say that’s enough.  I know from experience that how much pain and sorrow a heart can hold is limited, and it’s different for everyone.  I don’t remember many things about the first few days after my husband’s unexpected death.  I believe my heart held those things it could and shut out what it could not in order to keep me from completely shutting down.  With no time to prepare itself, my heart was full very quickly.  With no time to process each bombardment, certain moments took up way too much room and my heart had to start determining what could and couldn’t come in with the room that was left.  It didn’t ask my opinion or my permission.  When I was unable, my heart knew what was best for me to survive.


2 thoughts on “My Heart

  1. I love what you wrote about the heart. There have been many times since my divorce that I felt there was so much pain and sorrow, and just not enough room for love and joy. Choosing to let the love and joy push the pain and sorrow out is hard. Letting love in can sometimes create more pain and sorrow – especially with dating and new relationships. I’m starting to encourage love and joy to evict pain and sorrow.


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