My husband and I spent many hours on Grafton Pond and McDaniel’s Marsh.  We caught lots of pickerel from our kayaks, which are delicious if you know how to fillet and cook them.  We covered every inch over the years, seeing moose and deer, getting surprised by the slap of a beaver’s tail, hearing the loons, and running into an occasional rock.  Both places had an abundance of rocks, which made the fishing amazingly good and the kayaking a little tricky.  Some rocks had flowers growing on them and some even had trees, stunted but surviving none the less.  Geese would nest on the rocks and stone walls lay submerged after a farm was flooded to become a pond.  Beautiful places, especially in the fog and at sunset.  Beautiful memories.Fall Sky McDaniels Marsh

  • Life on a Rock / My Space
  • How much life can be found on top of a rock?
  • And yet the tree grows; slowly.
  • Waiting for the wind to bring more dirt
  • so the root can grow longer and the tree taller.
  • Not enough room for even one more tree
  • so wind don’t blow another seed to me.
  • It would take up my precious space
  • And turn me into we.

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