I’m waiting patiently for it to warm up enough to go kayaking and try a little fishing along the way.  If I was asked, what would I like to be when I grow up, I’d say a kayaking fishing pro.  I bought a new kayak and set of hydraulic lifts after my husband passed away because I couldn’t get my old kayak on the roof of my car.  I spent a lot a money, but I realized I wouldn’t be going at all if I didn’t go lighter.  I now have to clean and fillet my own fish, but it’s worth it for the surprise and excitement of catching them.  I’ll confess, I use a glove to hold onto them; just can’t get past the slime and scales!  I catch a few fish with various spinners, top water lures, and worms, usually guessing at what might work and hoping I recognize what I catch – my fishing quandary.  I love kayaking until I think about going by myself, which makes me sad, and then I go and see the beauty, which makes me happy, but there’s no one to share it with, which makes me sad; my kayaking paradox.


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