Sometimes things enter my life to test my fortitude.  Synonyms for the word fortitude include: resilience (flexibility), grit, determination, and endurance.  Just the words to describe what I need to out maneuver the thing that came into my life this week – a 140 pound Rottweiler Mastiff mix named Phoenix.  I’ll have him for the week while his family is away and it didn’t take him long to test his fortitude.  His bed is in the basement entry room along with a futon I covered with stuff to keep him from sleeping on it; yeah, right. The stuff spent the night on his bed while he was comfy cozy on the futon. The puppy dog eyes he gave me when he was found out were pathetic but not enough to keep me from piling bigger, heavier stuff on the futon. My son-in-law says he acts up because my cats sit on the steps and hurl insults at him while I’m away – enough to drive any dog to the edge of insanity.  At least he’s been eating – not pulling a Gandhi this time! I love the big brute and his owners; what some people will do for love!


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