I’ve got a great biscuit recipe that I don’t use just for biscuits.  I also make shortcake and cinnamon rolls and I’ve added a variety of ingredients, like left over mashed potatoes, cheese, plain yogurt, and cream cheese for variety.  My husband followed a recipe exactly, while I tend to change them all.  A recipe is basically a list of ingredients that are put together and baked in a certain way.  Stick to the recipe and you’ll get the intended results.  Switch it up and you might get something interesting.  My life is like my biscuits; start with the basic recipe then add woodworking, gardening, playing the guitar, or sewing.  Not exactly the same ingredients each day; always thinking of new variations to keep my life and biscuits interesting.  Simple, easily constructed, not boring, never the same, and plain or flavorful describes my life and my biscuits.  Unlike biscuits that I can but won’t eat every day, so I don’t end up looking like a biscuit, I can and will include one of the many things I enjoy doing every day so I don’t get stuck in the same daily routine. You can find the recipe on my recipe page.


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