Hope for the future was hard to find after my husband passed away.  The future without him was like looking into a deep well – a few feet of light, followed by blackness, and nothing else.  The light came from doing what I knew how to do and not thinking, which kept me out of the dark.  But the dark was always there, trying to make itself known to me.  Slowly it succeeded, pulling me down until there was no light at all.  A couple of times during my descent I landed on a ledge, thinking each time it was the bottom.  I thought it was necessary to reach the bottom before I could hope to see the light again, but just like the dark, hope was always there.  At any point along the descent I just had to believe it to be right in front of me and reach out and grab it.

  • Tiny Tree/Hope
  • I saw a tiny tree once, growing from a storm drain
  • It’s an odd place to grow
  • But that was where the seed landed
  • There’s sun and air but little else to hang on to
  • The future doesn’t look bright
  • Nothing is impossible

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