The truly happy moments in my life are harder to remember than the unhappy ones.  I think it’s because unlike the unhappy ones, after the joy, I move on to the next moment, which is why it’s so important to keep finding them.  I remember when I realized my husband chose me and being on my own for the first time in our first apartment.  I remember when our son was born; we really wanted a son.  My husband graduating from forestry school and immediately finding a job were joyful and exciting.  I remember when our daughter was born; we wished for a daughter.  When I finished my bachelor’s degree and seeing our kids finish their undergraduate and graduate degrees and get married.  The birth of my grandchildren seemed more joyous than the birth of my own children.  My grandson told me I was beautiful and there’s an ocean full of joy when my granddaughter smiles.  I’m always happy when I’m fishing; more so when I catch something!  There were many more of course, but just not as easily remembered.  Not a very long list for almost 60 years, which is why I always need to keep looking for more.


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