I Want

What I want and what I need are very different things.  I wanted a house with character and found one, not realizing it wasn’t what I needed.  I pursued the house I wanted with all my heart, so when the sale fell through I was devastated but forced to look again from a different perspective.  The day I moved in, I looked out of the broken kitchen window at five foot tall weeds on the back bank and then down at the damaged linoleum countertops and cried; still not realizing this house was what I needed.  The yard and house, now very much changed, in the perfect location, has what I need, even though it will never have everything I want.  Making the distinction between wanting and needing requires thought, but our consumption based economy runs on making people think they need what they want.  In my mind, the thought, I want, is more powerful than I need, so I make a list of wants, crossing out what I don’t need, and then adding back some wants if there’s room in my budget.  It’s OK not to have everything I want; after all many people don’t have everything they need.Stone Bank & Garden Aug 2013 (2)


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