Looking for a new house in a small town in upstate New York was a monumental task.  Thank goodness my daughter and her husband did the preliminary work.  I had one very specific need.  It wasn’t stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, or fancy bathrooms.  It was a garage, or preferably a basement, where I could set up my husband’s woodworking shop.  Homes in the closest neighboring town were cheaper but property taxes were twice as much.  Most homes, in the village, in my price range, didn’t have basements or a garage. I finally found the perfect house in a town twelve miles away and moved forward with the purchase only to run into an unsolvable deed issue.  I was running out of time so I decided to look at a house I passed over many times and ended up buying it.  After a major kitchen renovation, other minor changes, and improvements to the unheard of full basement, this home in the village, which sits on a half-acre, was exactly the home I needed.  Just because I couldn’t see what I wanted and needed didn’t mean it wasn’t there waiting to be uncovered through hard work, determination, time, and patience.


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