Personal Grief

My mother-in-law’s funeral was the first since my husband’s.  This was one of many in the last ten years, but for me, this one was very different.  When my daughter called it the first “normal” death she can remember, I had to agree.  Gone too soon was a cousin in his 30’s, a seven year old nephew, and a teenage brother.  I grieved for the widow his cousin left behind, the daughters who won’t know him, and his parents.  The grief that overwhelmed me for his brother and wife was more powerful than the grief I felt for the young boy who would never experience life.  Would their hearts and minds survive this unstoppable tragedy?  And still one more; a young man not given the time to discover where life would lead him.  I grieved for all of these, but it wasn’t a personal grief, one that impacts my life on a daily basis.  It took little effort to let it go; unlike the grief I still keep. I realize that I need to acknowledge the personal grief others still keep, for a part of them was torn away too and their lives, like mine, will never be the same.


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