My parents moved to a small town during my senior year of high school.  My husband’s parents moved to this same town the year before, also during his senior year.  His parents are still in the same home, but my parents moved five more times.  These decisions altered the path of their lives, and ours, since without these moves, we most likely wouldn’t have met.  Our decisions, and the ones our children made, took us down paths where we found spouses, jobs, and joy, but also down paths where there was difficulty and sadness. Some decisions were easy; many difficult.  Some we questioned but stayed on the path, while others led to more decisions to change the path.  If I could see our path on a topo map it would show where we ended up in the same spot as we started, where it rose or fell in elevation, where the right fork took us to a dead end and the left would have taken us along a long, straight, and level path.  We made the best decisions we could; after all, you never know, you hope for the best, then make the best of what you get.


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