His Opinion

I had an unexpected thought today.  What would my husband think of me now?  Then I asked, should I care what he thinks and my answer is yes; his opinion always mattered a great deal to me. Would he be proud of the home I created and that I learned to play his guitar?  Would he be amazed at the kitchen floor I put down all by myself and the burl I carved by hand?  Would he be surprised to watch me use the snow blower or the shop equipment? Would he question my need to retire and no longer use my education and knowledge?  Would he care that I haven’t found someone new to love?  Would he be unhappy with me that I still struggle doing new things on my own?  Would he be frustrated that I haven’t made any new friends?  It’s funny that all these things I think he would be, like amazed, surprised, and frustrated, I am.  He would say; see what else you can accomplish, keep doing things on your own even if it never gets easier, and never stop trying to figure out how to make new friends. My thoughts exactly.


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