Feel Good

I think it’s safe to say that everyone likes to feel good about themselves.  For me, how I look, is one step since this is the first thing I, and other people, see.  I also want to feel good about what I do and who I am.  I would sometimes ask my husband, how do I look?  Thinking back, it’s kind of a ridiculous question.  If I didn’t look good, would he tell the truth?  Maybe I didn’t want an honest answer.  Maybe I just wanted a compliment.  The best compliments and support were the unsolicited ones that came from my husband.  Now that I’m living on my own, receiving a compliment or a thank you goes a long way towards making me feel good about myself.  Taking it a step further, they also make me feel noticed, and in a home filled with lots of quiet and little conversation, confirmation from others that I do indeed exist, that I matter to someone, is very important.  I find that seeing what’s wrong with another person is easier than seeing what’s right, but I know I can find what’s right if I would only look, and then of course, tell them.


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