Water Bugs

I was camping with my husband on Oxshoe Pond in the Adirondacks, watching the water bugs dance on the water and it struck me how nature and human nature mirror each other.  I wrote a poem about that moment and have written a number of other poems as I’m inspired by nature’s explanations of the human world.  You’ll notice they all have two names to reflect this co-existence.  I’ll share my first poem today and will add more in future posts, not always including my own interpretation.  As I watched the water bugs going round in circles I thought of busy people going to and from work so they can spend more money than they make and more time at their job than with their families.  All of this is taking them where? Maybe they lost their perspective on what it means to live.

  • Water Bugs/Perspective
  • Tiny miraculous feet, they walk on water.
  • Rather they circle, all in the same direction.
  • Going nowhere and where would they go if they could?
  • Is the water better somewhere else?
  • Do they need a reason to go round and round?
  • Will they ever change direction?
  • How vast the pond; how small their world.

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