The Story

From the book Rain Water: “Even knowing the ending was sad, I wouldn’t have deprived myself the beauty of the story.” We met when I was 18 and he 20. He was so handsome, sensitive, and down to earth.  We were married a year later and together started the journey of our lives.  Our son was born a few years later followed by an associate’s degree in forestry and a job as a forester for him.  Our son was five when our daughter was born, then a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a CPA license, and a job in accounting for me.  Our first house was a vegetable farm and our second, a bed and breakfast.  A new job took me to New Hampshire while he stayed behind, resulting in weekend visits after a three hour drive; what we thought would be a temporary arrangement lasted seven years.  Early retirement and a bachelor’s degree for him in education, and a teaching job.  Our kids completed their college educations somewhere in there.  Our son has a PhD in Ecology and our daughter, a masters in Secondary English Education. Our story lasted 36 years . . .  and what a journey it was!


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