More Time

Time has many opposites.  It makes me late or early.  I lose an hour in the spring and gain it in the fall. Races are about the shortest time while scotch needs lots of time.  One opposite it doesn’t have is going forward and going back.  Time is a one way ride which ends in some unknown year, some unknown day, some unknown hour.  When I think of people that passed away close to eighty, I’m glad they were given lots of time and experiences like children and grandchildren. When I think of children and young people that passed away, I question why weren’t they given lots of time so they could experience love or being a father?  These things raise the question, are we given our allotted amount of time when we’re born and nothing can be done to change it?  This would explain why some people survive a heart attack and others don’t.  I guess this is somewhat comforting, but takes hope out of the equation, which makes me think of two more opposites.  I will not let fate, something that can’t be changed, prevail over hope, the possibility of change, when it comes to wanting more time.


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